CHEMEON Advanced Training Classes provide surface finishing professionals with the critical skills, training and knowledge necessary to make well-informed decisions and improve the productivity and profitability of their companies. CHEMEON education and training will support your corporate leadership and career advancement.  

CHEMEON offers advanced surface technology classroom training and comprehensive hands-on laboratory instructions designed for maximum metal finishing efficiency. The classes are instructed by the CHEMEONsurface technology scientists and experts, who have years of extensive experience.  Our training is held at one of the nation’s most complete anodizing and chromate conversion research and development Technology Center in Minden, NV (Reno/Lake Tahoe).

CHEMEON Advanced Training Classes schedule:

Aluminum Anodizing Training Class

Upcoming Classes (2-Day):

  • May 10-11
  • June 19-20
  • July 17-18
  • August 14-15
  • September 12-13
  • October 17-18
  • November 14-15
  • December 12-13

Titanium Anodizing Training Class

Upcoming Classes:

  • TBD

TCP-HF Trivalent Chromium Training Class (QPL-81706 approved)

Upcoming Classes:

  • TBD
Attend the CHEMEON training program to improve your understanding of all aspects of modern day surface technology, gain troubleshooting insights, learn more about industry issues, expand your industry relationships, and increase your career-advancement potential.

 Advanced Training Classes are ideal for engineers, scientists, facility managers, line operators and others who may be new to metal finishing, as well as for those who oversee the process and others who may simply need a reminder about best practices.

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* In 2013, CHEMEON Surface Technology, formerly Metalast Surface Technology, acquired all assets of Metalast International, LLC, and is the sole source of products and services known and marketed as Metalast prior to June 10, 2015, now marketed under the CHEMEON mark. CHEMEON is not affiliated with David M. Semas. Read more about the CHEMEON name change here.