The Company's Name Change

CHEMEON Surface Technology continues to exclusively provide its acclaimed metal-finishing chemistries that were previously marketed by Chemeon and its predecessor’s in interest under the name Metalast International, LLC and Metalast Surface Technology, LLC, as well as new chemistries that are branded under the new CHEMEON label, manufactured according to industry standards, and delivering superior performance. CHEMEON continues to offer its customers the most advanced surface engineering solutions, which includes prodigious experience with our exclusive QPL Hexavalent Free Mil Spec CHEMEON TCP-HF*, CHEMEON TCP-HF EPA* and SP* – Extended Protection Additive and Spray, as well as CHEMEON TCP-NP* - No Prep. CHEMEON continues to provide this proprietary surface technology advantage via our network of Regional Sales Managers and Distribution Partners into the global marketplace.

Metalast International, LLC, was the sole source of Metalast branded products until November of 2013. As explained in a Court Complaint first filed in June 2015:

  • From the founding of Metalast International, LLC until April, 2013, the former manager of that company, Metalast International, Inc., was run by David M. Semas. On April 3, 2013, Mr. Semas admitted that Metalast International, LLC was unable to pay its debts as they became due. On April 25, 2013, a Receiver was appointed to, among other things, take possession of the property of Metalast International, LLC. Subsequently, with Court approval, the Receiver sold all assets of Metalast International, LLC, to CHEMEON, which operated under the name Metalast Surface Technology, LLC, and was the sole source of Metalast products, from late 2013 through mid-2015. Included in the sale to CHEMEON was exclusive ownership of all Metalast company good will and trade secrets, including chemistries, products, services, contacts, customer and distributor information, licenses, contracts, copyrights, product marks, and logos.
  • The Receiver subsequently reported that approximately 1,000 members of Metalast International, LLC had contributed more than $95 million, the accumulated losses exceeded $119 million, and the accounts payable to its vendors, landlord, suppliers, and employees totaled nearly $1 million. On November 4, 2013, the Court approved a sale of all Metalast International, LLC assets to an entity owned by Madylon and Dean Meiling, as the secured creditor. That entity changed its name to Metalast Surface Technology, LLC, and it provided the Metalast products to the market under the Metalast mark until the company recently changed its name to CHEMEON Surface Technology, LLC, to eliminate confusion between the company’s new leadership and values, and former management. CHEMEON Surface Technology is now providing the same products previously provided by Metalast International, LLC but doing so under the new CHEMEON mark.

As explained in CHEMEON’s November 2016, Petition for Cancellation of a federal registration of the Metalast mark owned by David Semas, in July 2015 David Semas filed for renewal of the registration by submitting a fraudulent statement of use of the mark along with, and based solely upon, fraudulent specimens of use of the mark. The fraudulent specimens were from Metalast International, LLC years before and not in use in commerce by anyone, including David Semas, for many years prior to his filing of his July 2015 registration renewal.

The company will continue to offer the same products previously provided by Metalast International, LLC but will provide them under the CHEMEON mark going forward.

Supporting documents: