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CHEMEON® Surface Technology
CHEMEON’s comprehensive line of proprietary and patented metal finishing chemistry is a one-stop solution for all your conversion coating, anodizing, anodic seal and chemfilm needs.  In addition to the Hex Free MIL-SPEC corrosion protection chemistry we put into our products, the chemistry in each relationship we have with our customers is the "Power of CHEMEON Protection.”  Our CHEMEON TCP-HF (Hexavalent Free) suite of products are valued and specified by Fortune 500 companies across the globe and across diverse industry sectors such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, heavy equipment, marine, medical, and military.

We are proud to announce our certification by the Small Business Administration (SBA) as a HUBZone-certified company. This federal program supports growing companies in historically underutilized business zones and recognizes Chemeon as a vital small business, government contractor, and teaming partner to the aerospace and defense industry, prime contractors, top-tier metal finishers, and process shops.


    Industry Expert

    CHEMEON® is a recognized global leader in the race to replace hexavalent chrome Cr(VI) as a Conversion Coating, Anodizing Seal, and a base for Paint and Powder Coating. CHEMEON MIL-SPEC trivalent chromium products offer an environmentally safe and superior performance replacement for hexavalent chromates in metal finishing on light metals including Aluminum, Titanium, Magnesium, Tin, Cadmium, Zinc Nickel, Electroless Nickel and Galvanized Steel.


    The only thing we take more seriously than protecting metals is taking care of our customers and the environment. This philosophy has made CHEMEON a leading global supplier of specialty chemicals for light metal cleaning, extended corrosion resistance, sealing, paint adhesion and coating durability. CHEMEON is internationally recognized for providing environmentally responsible metal treatments and solutions.  CHEMEON products comply with RoHS, WEEE, ELV, OSHA, PEL & REACH Directives.

    Cutting Edge

    Though the core of what we do is to provide our customers with responsible chemical solutions, what really makes us different is helping our customers through every step of the R&D, Training and Product Support process. From our full laboratory and training center located near Lake Tahoe to our innovative finishing solutions, CHEMEON products are recognized for better quality and higher throughput for our customers and distributors.


    The first trivalent conversion coating and anodic seal colorized for visual verification that your parts are coated and protected


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    What our clients say

    "…. provided excellent onsite and ongoing service to Rolls-Royce Corporation.”

    Brad Wiley Chemical Process Specialist Rolls-Royce Corporation

    "Whether you are a captive shop, an OEM or small, medium or large job shop, you can count on CHEMEON for full process line chemical performance. New Age Manufacturing does and you should too!"

    Eric Wood Plant Manager New Age Manufacturing, Inc.

    “We have been relying on Chemeon products to meet our customers stringent requirements for over 8 years.”

    "The company has put together a world-class product and team. Their second-to-none approach and commitment to product and technology ensure that their customers will stay ahead of the competition."

    Joe Croce Operations Manager Rochester Industrial Services

    "The CHEMEON superior proprietary chemistry together with their superior service, technical support provides an affordable and substantial value…."

    Eric Wood Plant Manager New Age Manufacturing, Inc.

    "The company concept, Tech Center, and Systems that are put in place will greatly enhance our ability to quickly jump forward out of the 1960's and 1970's (and some of the old habits we have) and get into the 21st century to do things that need to be done, today."

    Charlie Roberts President CSR Development

    "It was impressive and encouraging to see the implementation of so many knowledge-management principles in place. The next generation of leaders will be structured around principles that this company already has in place."

    Steve Gibbon Senior Project Manager Lockwood Green Engineering, Inc.

    "Unlike other chemical companies that sell chemicals and then disappear until they want to sell you more chemicals, CHEMEON has consistently been there as our partner in anodizing."

    Eric Wood Plant Manager New Age Manufacturing, Inc.