CHEMEON Vision and Values

Happy Customers

"The company concept, Tech Center, and systems that are put in place will greatly enhance our ability to quickly jump forward out of the 1960's and 1970's (and some of the old habits we have) and get into the 21st century to do the things that need to be done, today." 

Charlie Roberts


CSR Development

Imagine improving efficiency and effectiveness in your metal finishing applications. Experience the most innovative, technologically advanced, environmentally conscious, and highest quality metal finishing chemistry available today with unsurpassed customer service and value. Experience CHEMEON.

Our vision is to be the leader in environmentally responsible coatings and surface technologies, committed to research, development, customer service and solutions. CHEMEON offers you the most advanced surface engineering solutions, providing you with a proprietary advantage to excel in the global marketplace.

With our own Tech Center, dedicated solely to product development and training for, and support to, the finishing industry, we offer many new cutting edge technologies to improve quality and consistency in metal finishing applications. All CHEMEON chemistry products are fully evaluated and tested at the Technology Center, and manufactured under ISO 9002 standards, delivering superior performance with guaranteed results.

CHEMEON success is based upon a personal and collaborative partnership with our valued customers. We serve diversified customers with trust, integrity, transparency and professionalism. We incorporate responsible business practices at every level of our operation and expect our partners to meet high ethical standards. Customer satisfaction, responsibility towards society, and environmental sustainability are critical elements in our approach to business and service.