Chemeon is a Member of FFC and MFA

Happy Customers

"The company has put together a world class product and team. Their second-to-none approach and commitment to product and technology ensures that their customers will stay well ahead of the competition." 

Joe Croce

Operations Manager

Rochester Industrial Services

Imagine a company recognized for customer service and problem-solving that provides expert technical support so that surface technology and chemistry can be utilized to enhance your products and business success. Consider using cost-effective formulas that have been carefully developed and tested to guarantee maximum quality and performance. Think about the benefits of a state-of-the-art testing laboratory, available to assist you with your problems and challenges. Think CHEMEON.
CHEMEON Surface Technology* is a business-to-business provider offering metal surface engineering solutions to its global customers. Located in Minden, Nevada (40 miles south of Reno), it was the first chemical company licensed by the United States Department of Defense, United States Navy to commercialize and bring to market TCP-HF (hex free), a replacement for the carcinogen Hexavalent Chromate.


CHEMEON’s comprehensive line of metal finishing chemistry is a one-stop solution for all your needs including cleaning, extending corrosion resistance, sealing, improving paint adhesion and coating durability. Our products are valued and used by “Fortune 500” companies across diverse industry sectors such as aerospace, automotive, cookware, electronics, heavy equipment, marine, medical, and military. A few of CHEMEON's clients include the United States Navy, United States Marine Corp, NASA, UTC Aerospace Systems, Raytheon, Haas Group International, Honeywell, BAE Systems, Piper Aircraft, Rock Island Arsenal, Moog Aircraft Group, Lockheed Martin. The patented and proprietary chemistries are internationally recognized for providing environmentally responsible metal treatments and solutions.


These solutions are also designed to increase productivity and profitability while improving consistency and elevating the standard of the finishes they provide. Consequently, if you are a metal finisher, you can increase throughput while improving the services you offer to your customers; if you are a manufacturer, you can achieve the higher quality, tighter tolerances, and repeatability that will keep you competitive in today’s global market; and if you are a customer, you can enjoy safer products that will perform better and last longer. CHEMEON chemistries and business solutions provide a “win-win” environment for metal finishers, manufacturers, and consumers, alike.