TRAINING: TCP-HF Trivalent Chromium

TRAINING: TCP-HF Trivalent Chromium


TCP-HF Trivalent Chromium

The course consists of 1 full training day at CHEMEON’s Technology Center (Tech Center) in Minden, NV (Reno/Lake Tahoe). The goal for this course is to provide the participants with a broad range of information related to trivalent chromate conversion process and the benefits of process control.


  1. CHEMEON TCP-HF (Hex Free) presentation
    • Introduction to Conversion Coatings
    • Hex chromate and alternatives
    • TCP-HF processing and best practices
    • TCP-HF performance data on aluminum
    • TCP-HF performance on other substrates
  2. Classroom review of technical issues
  3. Titration and Spectrophotometry Training (laboratory hands-on)
    • Bath Makeup
    • pH adjustment
    • Bath additions
    • Analysis
  4. Processing (laboratory hands-on)
    • Conversion Coating on Aluminum
    • Anodizing
    • Sealing Anodized Aluminum with TCP-HF
  5. Spectrophotometry Basics (laboratory hands-on)
    • Theory - How it works
    • General Equipment Settings
    • TCP-HF Sample Preparations
    • Calculations
    • Demos (TCP-HF and other chemicals)
  6. Titration Basics (laboratory hands-on)
    • Theory - How it works
    • Instruction Nomenclature
    • Equipment Identification
    • Measurements
    • End Point Detection
    • Calculations

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