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Happy Customers

"The company technical support is the best I have seen in the industry. They are willing to go above and beyond what would normally be thought of as customer service. Overall, it is the best company I have ever done business with, and I look forward to a long and mutually prosperous relationship with them." 

Randy Fairbank

Vice President, Operations

Absolute Finish, Inc.

At CHEMEON, our scientists and technicians continuously endeavor at innovating and improving our line of surface engineering solutions. Our goal is to provide you with market –leading, cutting edge products combined with continuous support to ensure increased efficiency while meeting your performance and quality expectations.
The CHEMEON technology has been proven to produce the most consistent, repeatable, and uniform results with the highest performance levels for virtually all desired characteristics. Services offered by CHEMEON include an unmatched knowledge base and instructional resources to assist in: current manufacturing, advanced engineering and product design; quality control and assurance; purchasing effectiveness; and other issues directly affecting product performance and company profitability. CHEMEON services include parts processing, customized technical support, product testing and analyses, and research and development.
Parts processing:
  • Anodizing Aluminum (Type II, Type III)
  • Anodizing Titanium
  • Electrolytic Coloring
  • Chemical Conversion
    Contact Us for more information regarding parts processing.
Technical support:
  • Process troubleshooting
  • Pre-treatment techniques
  • Finishing methods
  • Post treatment procedures
  • Anodizing line consultation
  • Metal finishing sample work
    • Anodizing Aluminum (Type II, Type III)
    • Anodizing Titanium
    • Electrolytic Coloring
    • Chemical Conversion
Product Testing and Analytical Services:
  • Acid Dissolution Test/Coating Weight
  • Chemistry Analysis
  • Metallographic Analysis
  • Salt Spray Analysis
  • SEM Analysis with Elemental Mapping
  • Surface Roughness
  • Taber Abrasion
  • Wet/Dry Tape Test
  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
    * Specific customer tests may be performed upon request. Contact Us to discuss your needs.
Research and Development:
  • Product evaluations and development
  • Specification development
  • Anodizing performance for new product development
  • Material substitution issues utilizing anodizing
  • Evaluation and improvement of existing process
  • Resolution of quality and reject issues
Research and Development are provided at the CHEMEON Technology Center by highly qualified research scientists in general research areas in response to directed R&D requirements of manufacturers, and in conjunction with corporate and academic research alliance partners.