CHEMEON provides specialty chemicals* and training to the metal finishing, electroplating, powder coat and spray paint industries, medical, computer electronics, aerospace and other markets. We are committed to placing chemistries in markets for maximum corrosion resistance, adhesion qualities, surface protection, visual and aesthetic properties, and the research and technical support that come with it.
Our chemicals are used to process parts for end users in manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, military, marine, and many other prominent industries.  The different types of chemistries include various nickel, magnesium and trivalent chromate seals, QPL-listed trivalent chromate conversion chemistries (CHEMEON TCP-HF), anodizing dyes, proprietary Type II conventional and Type III hard-coat anodizing additives (containing organic monomers – no glycolic acid), and other specialty chemicals for specific processes.
The CHEMEON product line* includes a full line of pre and post-treatment aluminum anodizing chemicals. This includes chemicals for architectural extrusions, wrought alloys and specific chemicals for the difficult to process sand and die cast alloys. Other proprietary CHEMEON specialty chemicals are manufactured under ISO 9002 standards and OSHA regulations.
CHEMEON is committed to certifying that all CHEMEON products are RoHS compliant and meet OSHA regulations. As a chemical supplier and industry leader, CHEMEON mandates and is determined to provide excellent customer support, superior and authenticated specialty chemicals, RoHS and green metal finishing services.
Whether you are looking for QPL trivalent chrome (Cr3) chemistries (tri-chrome) for aluminum, magnesium, zinc-nickel plating ZiNi seal, EN/Electroless Nickel, Mg Seal, powder coat adhesion promoter, or spray applications along with top-notch customer support, Our Chemistry is Your Solution.
When a metal finisher purchases any CHEMEON product, be certain that a high level of customer service comes right along with it: from troubleshooting line issues and quality engineering, process development, to aluminum, titanium and trivalent training classes, so that the level of experience and expertise for your processes in those endeavors is the finest possible.
Industries Served:
  • Computer electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Military/Defense
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Commercial
  • Architectural
  • Marine
  • Avionics
  • Electronics
  • Heavy equipment
  • Galvanized steel