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CHEMEON Sealants
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We offer mid-temp nickel and magnesium seals to promote corrosion resistance with minimal dye leaching, hot DI seal additives to assist in smut prevention and seal acceleration, and a room temperature seal that is pH balanced for ease of use.

Seals Type Description Method of Application Concentration pH Temp Time
CHEMEON TCP-HF | SDS: TCP-HF Trivalent chromium seal for type II class 1 and type III class 1 clear anodic coatings Anodized aluminum coating sealant Immersion 5-25% v/v 3.6-4.0 65-120°F 5-10 min
CHEMEON Seal 6000 | SDS: Seal 6000 Additive for hot deionized water seal Wetting agents and dispersants prevent smut and accelerate seal. Parts may be painted, bonded, welded with excellent results Immersion 0.1-0.5% v/v 6.2-7.0 195-205°F 10-60 min
CHEMEON Seal 6100 | SDS: Seal 6100 Low foaming liquid mid-temp nickel seal Dispersant system aids in smut prevention. Provides superior corrosion resistance and negligible dye leaching Immersion 1.0-4.0% v/v 5.2-6.2 160-190°F 1-10 min
CHEMEON Seal 6200 | SDS: Seal 6200 Liquid mid-temp magnesium seal Excellent corrosion resistance with minimal dye leaching Immersion 1.0-3.0% v/v 6.5-7.5 170-200°F 5-20 min
CHEMEON Seal 6300 | SDS: Seal 6300 Liquid room temperature seal pH adjusted for ease of installation and maintenance Immersion 3.0-5.0% v/v 5.7-6.5 70-90°F 2-15 min