CHEMEON Surface Technology Founders Madylon and Dean Meiling Support JCC Krakow in its Heroic Rescue of Refugees from Ukraine

CHEMEON, an environmentally responsible global leader and provider of surface engineering treatments and solutions, including patented MIL-SPEC chemistry CHEMEON eTCP® conversion coating and anodic seal with a distinct color for visual verification that parts are coated and protected, demonstrates its continued commitment to corporate social responsibility and philanthropy. MINDEN, Nev. and KRAKOW, Poland, April 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, […]

CHEMEON eTCP® Powder Qualifies for MIL-DTL-81706B / MIL-DTL 5541F 

CHEMEON Surface Technology, a manufacturer of MIL-DTL 81706, MIL-DTL 5541 corrosion protection chemistry, is proud to announce the Qualified Product Listing (QPL) of eTCP Powder, a safe, robust, economical, and easy-to-ship corrosion protection has been approved for MIL-DTL-5541F per MIL-DTL-81706B for use as a conversion coating on all aluminum alloys and other light metals. CHEMEON’s MIL-SPEC chemistries […]

CHEMEON eTCP® Touch-Up Pen Qualifies for Military Detail Specification MIL-DTL-81706B

The DoD Qualified Products List (QPL/QPD) now includes CHEMEON eTCP Touch-Up Pen MINDEN, Nev., Nov. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — CHEMEON® Surface Technology’s line of QPL approved Touch-Up Pen solutions now includes the patented CHEMEON eTCP Touch-Up Pen. It provides MIL-SPEC corrosion protection and superior adhesion for touch-up, field use, and repair of light metals such as 2024 aluminum. CHEMEON eTCP is […]

CHEMEON eTCP™ Distinct Color Trivalent Available Worldwide

June 3, 2019 (Chicago, IL) – CHEMEON Surface Technology, a global leader in Trivalent Chrome products, announces the availability of CHEMEON eTCP™conversion coating and anodic seal that provides a distinct visual(color that indicates aluminum and other light metal parts are coated and protected. The patent pending CHEMEON eTCP chemistry provides one-step superior corrosion protection and […]

CHEMEON® News: Best Technology “Chromate Conversion Process, Specs, Tanks & Equipment Explained”

Thanks to Mike and the team at Best Technology ( ) for their comprehensive article that includes CHEMEON’s core expertise with CHEMEON TCP-HF® and our new innovation, CHEMEON eTCP™ which provides the visual verification that your parts are protected. “Power of Protection You Can See™” CHEMEON eTCP™ eTCP Violet™and eTCP Blue™ The Best Technology article “Chromate […]